David Lynch stars in Steven Spielberg’s new production

American director, screenwriter, actor, musician, photographer and painter David Lynch has joined the cast of Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans, a post-production production based on Spielberg’s childhood experiences in Arizona. foreign media reports.However, the role of the famous director in Spielberg’s new drama is a closely guarded secret, as well as the details related to the plot of the film. Spielberg co-wrote the screenplay with Tony Kushner, his regular collaborator on films such as “Lincoln” and “The Story of the West Side”, and the premiere of “The Fabelmans” is expected on November 23 this year.

Although this is the first collaboration between two directors who are among the greatest Hollywood filmmakers of all time, this is not Lynch’s first film role. The 70-year-old director has previously appeared in many shows and films, including his own cult series “Twin Peaks”, which he worked on in collaboration with Mark Frost, and in which he played the role of FBI agent Gordon Cole.

Some of the most famous achievements of the legendary director, who this time starred in the film of his equally great colleague, are: “Wiping Head”, “Blue Velvet”, “Elephant Man”, “Wild at Heart”, “Lost Highway”, “Boulevard” star “,” Inner Kingdom “..

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