Gates believes that smartphones will replace electronic tattoos

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believes that the new technology will replace smartphones, and these are electronic tattoos.

Electronic tattoos are a product of the American biotechnology company Chaotic Moon, and they are used to collect and analyze data obtained from the human body. The data will be able to be used for various purposes, including medical and sports.

This will enable better prevention and control of diseases and improve physical fitness. Electronic tattoos are still in the development stage and are likely to look like small sensors on the skin.

For Gates, the previously described tattoos are not enough, because he believes that they must be significantly improved. His idea is that they have so many features that they can be completely replaced by smartphones.

Something similar could be seen in Hollywood movies where actors use these tattoos to make phone calls, send messages and find residential addresses. It is not known when this will really be possible, but it is known that Gates and his associates are already working on it.

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