Robert Pattinson: Because of the role of Batman, I didn’t drink water

Being a decent entertainer doesn’t just mean having ability, however entertainers frequently change for the job and totally change their personality. Robert Pattinson uncovered that due to his job in the new “Batman”, he counted the number of tastes of water he drank during the day.

Popular entertainer Robert Pattinson played the personality of Batman in another Hollywood creation. This undertaking was difficult for him, so he let the New York Post know he going through.

“I had three months before the beginning of shooting, I needed to rehearse when work, thus consistently. On account of the scenes without the T-shirt, I needed to diminish my water consumption a great deal, and before the shooting I counted the number of tastes I drank “, said the entertainer and added that Batman’s ensemble helped him a ton to coexist with this person:

“Whenever I read the content, I contemplated how I would play such a bold person. I was unable to appreciate it when I was sitting at home in a plain T-shirt. The entire world changed when I put on Batman’s suit. ”

Incidentally, Pattinson is known for successive changes for jobs, so in 2016 he starved to get more fit for the film “Lost City Z”, and the next year he colored his hair pretty much consistently for the film “Damnation’s Night”, and the hair started to tumble to him.

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